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The Band
(Evolution and Concept)

Co-op Bop, The Band- (Evolution of a Quintet)

CO-OP BOP, a Quintet, has developed in various combinations since the late 1950’s.  Alan Gaumer (trpt.) and Craig Kastelnik (org.), coached by Craig’s father (KAL) appeared on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour as “kids”. Their association continued to grow. Along the way, Tom Kozic, @ 17 years of age, began to play guitar with Alan’s Quartet. By the late 1970’s Gary Rissmiller took over the drum chair. And while this group was playing one of its’ common steady “gigs” at a local venue, Nelson Hill (sax) burst on to the scene. Since that time they have continued to perform together building a library of standard and original compositions. They have consistently played under each others’ names sharing leadership roles. Recently because of their mutual respect for one another, they came to the conclusion that a group name was in order, SO……it’s official…….

Their first CD, Co-Op Bop, produced ten years ago, continues to sell and is still available. They continue to write and perform together, as often as possible. The Minsi Ridge record label will be releasing their second CD, Co-Op Bop "Unlimited," in July.

From Dixieland to Big Band to Smooth. Whatever your idea of Jazz is, we can provide it.


Primary Musicians:

Alan Gaumer

Craig Kastelnik

Gary Rissmiller

Nelson Hill

Tom Kozic