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"One of the most exciting things about Jazz is that it’s so vast. Meaning that there are so many different types / styles. I just simply enjoy participating in as many of them as possible." ~ Alan Gaumer

Pianoless Quartet: This title pretty much speaks for itself. However historically speaking, some 30 years ago, Jazz Icons Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker teamed up to introduce a previously unheard of quartet combination that did not include a piano (harmonic) voice. This demands a great deal more authority while at the same time allows for much more freedom. Meaning : more room for the horns. In this band we have an additional unique quality. An instrument normally associated with orchestral activities. Bobby Routch, French Hornist (actually preceded Nelson Hill in the Quintet) internationally renowned joins Alan and any one of the marvelous bassists and drummers from within the collective. Presenting new works and classics from the past.

 Pianoless Quartet Press Kit (pdf)  |  Reviews  |  Photos

The Flyers Re-Union Band: This is a get together of what was a very popular band in it’s time. (1975-78) We play mostly what would be considered “FUNK” type stuff. (Nowadays it could be called “fusion” or even “smoothe”.) For the record, we’ll stick with the “FUNK” label. The Rep. includes such classics as Canteloupe Island (H. Hancock), Keep Your Soul Together (Freddie Hubbard), Pick Up the Pieces (Average White Band) and much more.

The band pictured at right, featuring all but one of the original members of P.F. & the Flyers , is responsible for the re-union of PF and AG . After many years they’re playing together again, with a commitment. That said, calling on any members from within the collective is sure to supply Peter and Alan with a great platform with which to present their smoothe and funky groves.

Some regular guests include John Sproat, Jim McGee, and Tom Kozic.

 P.F. & the Flyers Press Kit (pdf)  |  Reviews  |  Photos

Percussion / Drums: Alan has been a serious drummer for many years. Playing projects with some regularity. He along with Gary Rissmiller and Marko Marcinko are about to launch a percussion ensemble named P.P.P. (Pocono Percussion People). More “Drummers” from the region will be tapped to participate. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

If for some reason none of these units are appropriate for your particular need or event, then a band can be custom built, just by contacting Alan Gaumer, the driving force behind the collective.

From Dixieland to Big Band to Smooth. Whatever your idea of Jazz is, we can provide it.